What are Lunaglaze Rooflights?

What are Lunaglaze Rooflights?

As a cost-effective brand of roflight, Lunaglaze rooflights are designed for homes and domestic properties where cost is a key factor. They are made to be low in cost, yet high in quality, meaning that they will be reliable and durable despite their price.

One of the ways in which Lunaglaze keep costs down is to make rooflights available in bulk. They are available for purchase in a number of stocked sizes, which are kept in stock all year round. These sizes can be bought in a large quantity if required, and can be shipped out to a customer free of charge. These are also available for next day delivery, so can be with you on site in no time at all.

Lunaglaze is designed for roofs with pitches between 5 and 15 degrees. They are highly versatile – there is a Lunaglaze rooflight in the range to suit most domestic applications. They are often sold into the trade, as they are available as a top only unit, or with a vertical upstand. However, they are also available as a complete unit with upstand, so don’t be put off as an end user. There is a Lunaglaze¬† option to suit everyone. Just make sure you choose an experienced rooflight installation professional to install the rooflight for you, as it will need to be fitted properly if you are going to enjoy all of the benefits.

These are the different rooflights that are in the Lunaglaze range:

  • PVC top only rooflight. This is a flat glass rooflight that is designed for use with an existing timber kerb or stand. Its shape allows the maximum amount of natural light to filter in to the room below. It is available in various different sizes.
  • PVC manual hinged and electric hinged rooflight. This is the same appearance as the PVC top only rooflight, but it has the added benefit of being hinged. This means the rooflight can be opened, either by using a remote control or by opening it by hand, to allow for extra ventilation. This makes it good for use in areas like kitchens and bathrooms, where the extra air could be very useful for preventing damp and condensation.
  • ALU. This is a fully welded aluminium frame that is good for insulation and aesthetics. With its aluminium frame, it is great for giving clean, minimalist lines that won’t interfere with the view to the outside world. This kind of rooflight might also be used on a commercial building due to its flexibility and stylish design.
  • PVC rooflights as a complete unit. The PVC design can also be bought as a complete unit with a PVC upstand or kerb. This is the option for people without an existing kerb in place on their property. This is also available in the manual and electric hinged variety, leaving the range completely flexible.
  • Suntubes. Lunaglaze offer various suntube options, for covering large or short distances. Suntubes are very small and can be fitted into the tightest spaces, like staircases or cloakrooms.