Steps to Replacing a Broken Pane of Glass

Steps to Replacing a Broken Pane of Glass
Steps to Replacing a Broken Pane of Glass

If you need to replace a broken pane of glass in a small wooden framed window, it is far easier if you can take out the whole frame and work on it in a work place or garage.

  • Use pliers to remove shards of glass still embedded in the frame.
  • Scrape away the old putty with a heat gun. This may take some time, so be patient.
  • Use the tip of a screwdriver to remove the old glazing points which you will see once the old putty has been removed.
  • Make sure the groove (rabbet groove), on which the glass will sit, is completely clean.
  • Apply a thin line of putty to the glass side of this groove.
  • Gently put the pane of glass in place, making sure the edge of the glass presses down into the putty.
  • Place new glazing points in the wooden window sash surrounding the pane of glass. Then press down into the wood so that they are secure.
  • Make a centimetre wide “snake” of putty by rolling it in your hands and press it around the edges of the glass.
  • Smooth the putty with a finger and scrape off any excess with a putty knife.
  • Once the putty has completely dried, paint the window frame, including the putty. Ideally, you need to paint just over the edge of the putty, onto the glass by about 2mm which will help to stop moisture getting behind the putty and rotting the wooden frame.