Blending Security and Aesthetics in an Entrance Door

Blending Security and Aesthetics in an Entrance Door

When you think of an entrance door, what do you think of first? Its design? Its security? The way it works? How long it will last? High quality security entrance doors can blend security elements with exceptional aesthetics – modern security doors are versatile, customisable and can cover all bases for the person purchasing them. Security doors might sound scary and intimidating, like something that belongs less in the domestic world and more in the commercial, but that isn’t the case at all with modern entrance doors, which can easily blend security and good looks and seamlessly connect the two.

Front entrance doors are very well made nowadays, and quite rightly so – they are the main source of protection your home has, as most burglaries happen using a door or a window (they are the most obvious entry points for any intruder). A home that has a door which looks weaker and older might be deemed to be a better option for an intruder, because it would present an easy target to them. A very well constructed new entrance door that prioritises security will be a good option for all homes.

When homes have new entrance doors, they can be fitted appropriately with the right security features without this detracting from the door’s appearance at all. In fact very solid doors with clean lines are highly popular in terms of the design too – modern doors tend to be minimalist, perhaps with some glazing added, and bold door furniture such as handles. These features can all contribute to security, and if they don’t directly, they can at least allow for security features to be added in very easily. For example, a modern door might have a five point locking system, which is great for security but will not at all detract from the appearance of the door. The two go perfectly hand in hand.

When buying a security entrance door, here is a brief checklist of things to think about:

  • Locking mechanism. Are there additional security locks? What is the main lock? Make sure you know this before you consider a door. It shouldn’t be considered a security entrance door without having a good locking system.
  • Frame profile. The door should be serviced by a quality frame and good insulation, which will all help to make it a more appealing option and will make it harder to gain forced entry too.
  • Structure. Where possible make sure the door is made of a strong material such as steel, including the framework and door surrounds. Make sure it is well insulated too (this should really be a given if the door is of a high quality and good structure).
  • Break-in resistance. Where possible look for this rating when buying a door that is designed for security. This will show the door’s resistance class against break ins.

Choosing a new security entrance door will be a much simpler task due to the range of options available. Everyone will be able to find something they like that will protect their home more than adequately too.