A Seasonal Room can become your Place of Happy Retreat

A Seasonal Room can become your Place of Happy Retreat

During winters, when weather plays havoc with human body, a seasonal room can provide you with much relief. Likewise, during the rainy season, when water spoils almost all of your plans, a sun room can double up as a hideaway where you enjoy the smell of rain without getting wet or dirty.

A sun room will be your doorway to natural beauty. Also referred to as a solarium, seasonal room, conservatory or a garden room, a sun room increases the overall area of your home. While most people choose to decorate their sun rooms with natural plants and climbers, you can choose to decorate yours the way you want. Bring in a couch and you have a place custom-made for a heavenly session of afternoon tea with your friends. Similarly, your seasonal room can also double up as a space dedicated to your favourite indoor games. This little room has the potential of becoming your favourite area in the house.

A seasonal room can be made from a variety of materials: aluminium, wood, vinyl, polycarbonate, glass, etc. While all of these materials serve their purpose well, sun rooms made from glass are especially popular in the UK. Seasonal rooms made from glass not only look beautiful, they also provide enhanced heating and lighting. Glass provides clarity which allows residents to enjoy a clear view of their surroundings.

There are a couple of things you must keep in mind while designing a glass sun room. First, intersperse your glass walls with high R-value insulating roof panels. These panels will provide extra insulation and prevent moisture from percolating into the construction of your building. If you are in a mood to splurge, you can install radiant under-floor heating in your seasonal room — this will help you keep the room comfortably warm during winters. Adding fans is mandatory as you don’t want to feel hot and stuffy during summers. Likewise, to ensure an optimal flow of air and efficient cross-ventilation, include glass windows into the glass walls. Lastly, to protect the exterior as well as the interior of your home, install over hangs. To keep yourself protected from the harmful effects of sun, choose a roof overhang that comes with exterior sunscreens.

However, the most important thing to consider while building a glass sun room is the quality of the glass being used. You must consider the U-value of the glass as this value is indicative of glass’ insulating power. A lower U-value glass does not allow the heat to escape and thus, performs a good job of maintaining a comfortable temperature within the seasonal room. It is recommended that you use double glazed glass. To aggressively protect yourself from harmful ultra-violet light and infra-red radiation, either cover the glass with low-emissive coating or fill the glass with argon. Argon is an inert gas which absorbs the harmful radiations coming from the sun. Though argon-filled glass is slightly more expensive than normal glass, it is worth its price as it will protect from everything that is harmful.

A glass sun room will not only allow you to enjoy the serenity around you, it will do so while protecting you from adverse conditions. Moreover, it will make your home look even more beautiful every day.